As a Casemix System is a brand-new system in developing countries, we believe it is crucial for us to share our expertise and experience regarding this new system. Thus our business model is focusing in providing training, consultation and developing healthcare technology related to Casemix System.

Casemix Solution provides regular training workshop for Casemix such as, Costing Workshop, Introductory Course on Casemix System, Clinical Pathway Workshop, Advance Coding Workshop and Hospital Efficiency. We believe these training workshops will help our customer to gain a clear understanding regarding Casemix System.

Training Workshop itself is not enough for our customer to adopt this system. Thus, on top of that, we also provide consultation regarding Casemix implementation. Our company is very devoted in consulting and helping our customer through out their implementation of this system in their organization.

Lastly, our company is committed in developing software, system and tools to support the health care industry. As technology is moving forward everyday, we believe it is crucial to always be ready to develop new software, system and tools in order to accelerate our health care industry.