We sell information base on Casemix data to industries, consumers and researchers.


This is a universal and unifiedĀ patient grouping software used to convert diagnosis and procedures done by clinician into a single Casemix code called UNU-CBG. UNU-CBG was specially developed as an aide to the provider payment system.


DataTool Pro

This software is a Windows-compliant application that assigns diagnosis and procedure codes based on terminology that you enter in the software installed in your computer. It interactively leads the coder through a series of coding entries and selections, both simplifying the coding process and help to improve coding quality.


Code Assist

This is a combination of DataTool Pro v2.0 and UNU-CBG Grouper v2.0. It can be used as a coding tool, and the output generated can be processed simultaneously to generate UNU-CBG.


Clinical Cost Modeling

This is a costing software consist of 3 modules, namely: CCM module, Casemix Module, and Hospital Tariff module. CCM module is used to calculate cost per patient per stay by ward and cost per patient per visit by clinic. Meanwhile, Casemix module is used to impute cost per UNU-CBG group. Lastly, Hospital Tariff module is used to calculate the UNU-CBG group tariff per patient. This software can be customized according to the actual cost center per hospital


Casemix Cloud

Casemix Cloud is a web based application with improved of Casemix software features that serve software as a service using the cloud computing environment.


Casemix HIS

Casemix HISĀ is an open source/technology healthcare information system. It is a centralized Hospital Information System.