Casemix Cloud is Software as a Service (SaaS) that runs on cloud environment as it is taking the advantages of cloud technology. Since it is using cloud computing, the application is now maintain availability and accessibility for worldwide users. It provides rapid Casemix system implementation by providing the collection data tool and grouper service built in it. Using Casemix Cloud, users are no longer need for any installation and specific hardware requirements for using the Casemix system. Casemix Cloud put all the user burden away and let user focus on collecting and grouping data without having any problems.


Special features: –

  1. Comprehensive Coding Tool
  2. Up to date Grouper
  3. Collaborative Work within organization
  4. Simple and Easy to use


Casemix Cloud is now open for trial usage for anyone that interested in implementing Casemix System. It can be access using these URL address

Main Website



Standard Universal Casemix version



MYDRG Oral Health Casemix Malaysian version



INACBG Casemix Indonesian version




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