CCM v3.0 is a costing software consist of three modules, these include: CCM module, Casemix Module, and Hospital Tariff module. CCM module is used to calculate cost per patient per stay by ward and cost per patient per visit by clinic. It shows the actual beds, total number of inpatient days, total number of visits, and total number of inpatient discharge for that particular hospital. Meanwhile, Casemix module is used to impute cost per UNU-CBG group.

The cost will relate and vary by UNU-CBG group according to discharged ward. This data can be used as quality assurance tool like benchmarking. The last module is Hospital Tariff module that is used to calculate the UNU-CBG group tariff per patient. This tariff may vary according to ward classification per certain UNU-CBG group. It can be used for charging purposes. This software can be customized according to the actual cost center per hospital.

Special features :

1. Allow Customisation for Local Norm
Able to customise according to customer requirement and cost centre.

2. User-Friendly Code Searching
Easy to use with minimum dataset entry.



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