Code Assist is a combination of DataTool Pro v2.1 and UNU-CBG Grouper v2.1. It can be used as a coding tool, and the output generated can be processed simultaneously to generate UNU-CBG. It has patient’s information, diagnosis and procedure coding field as well as grouping field.

Special features :

1. Universal Grouper
It covers all types of patient’s care within the existing health system, including Acute cases (In-patient and Out-patient), Sub-Acute cases (Moderately complex cases) and Chronic Case (Long stay cases).

2. Dynamic Grouper
Total number of Case Based Group (CBG) can be set according to need of the country. The severity for these CBGs is not static depending on types of patient’s care. It can vary between I to III, I to IV, I to IX and I to X.

3. Advance Grouper
It can be used with future changes in diagnosis and procedure classifications for e.g. ICD-11 diagnosis classification and ICHI procedure classification.


UNU-CBG Code Assist v2.1

MY-DRG Code Assist v2.1




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