The DataTool Pro software is a Windows-compliant application that assigns diagnosis and procedure codes based on terminology that you enter in the software installed in your computer. It interactively leads the coder through a series of coding entries and selections, both simplifying the coding process and help to improve coding quality at the same time. Input can be selected either as single entry or as batch process and output of this software can be saved in excel file. Output can easily be analyzed and can be used as an input to UNU-CBG Grouper v2.1
Special features :

1. Allow Customization for Local Norm
Able to customize according to customer requirement.

2. User-Friendly Code Searching
Easy to search for diagnosis and procedures code.

3. Advance Software
It can be used with future changes in diagnosis and procedure classifications for e.g. ICD-11 diagnosis classification and ICHI procedure classification.

4. Eco-friendly. 100% paperless

5. Digital signatures

6. Electronic prescriptions

7. Laboratory results




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