Casemix HISĀ is an open source/technology healthcare information system. It is a centralized Hospital Information System which provides the following functionality :

1. Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
2. Hospital Information System (HIS)
3. Health Information System

Special features :
1. Hospital Information System
Financial administration, Stock control, Billing, Pharmacy, Vademecum, Laboratory, Epidemiology, Inpatient administration, Surgeries etc

2. Patient and Family Information
Patient evaluation history, Diseases and medications, Socioeconomic status, Family affection, Drug abuse indicators, Nutritional information, Genetic and hereditary risks, Lifestyle and sexuality, Psychosocial status etc

3. Good Practices and Standards
ICD-10, ICD-9CM, NIDA Illegal Drug Database, NCBI, Henningfield Score, GeneCards, WHO Essential Medicines, Smilkstein Score, Pediatric Symptom Checklist etc



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